Design Within Reach Catalogs

For Jennifer’s accomplishments with DWR, the company was awarded the prestigious AIGA Corporate Leadership Medal for the successful interaction between aesthetics and business pragmatics.

Design Within Reach Outdoor Catalog

Design Within Reach was a well-established brand with a core clientele of mid-century furniture aficionados. The Outdoor Catalog was a compact, 5”x6” perfect bound, 80-page catalog displaying outdoor silhouetted pieces combined with both studio and location shots. The cover featured a red-crested cardinal on the front cover, a native Hawaiian bird. The image reinforced the onset of spring and coincided with the opening of the DWR Hawaii store. The cover features a sharp, red DWR pencil and a stubbier, worn pencil on the back cover to illustrate the desktop theme of this catalog. morla_design_designwithinreach_outdoor_catalogs_02morla_design_designwithinreach_outdoor_catalogs_03morla_design_designwithinreach_outdoor_catalogs_05bmorla_design_designwithinreach_outdoor_catalogs_04b

Design Within Reach “What is Modern” Catalog

In order to engage the modernist Design Within Reach audience, and to differentiate the brand from the plethora of catalog retailers, two large biannual catalogs were created that posed the question of how design influences and affects our world. Throughout the remainder of the year, smaller books demonstrated DWR’s breadth of merchandise and expertise in specific product categories.
morla_design_designwithinreach_whatismodern_catalog_01The “What is Modern”, perfect-bound, 192-page catalog compares and contrasts design origin and influence through history and authorship. Editorial content defined elements that made iconic pieces modern for their time.morla_design_designwithinreach_whatismodern_catalog_02
morla_design_designwithinreach_jax_01 morla_design_designwithinreach_jax_02 morla_design_designwithinreach_jax_03

Design Within Reach Jax Catalog

We wanted to instill DWR Jax, Design Within Reach’s children’s line, with an attitude similar to the core brand while imbuing it with its own sense of style. The uncoated catalogs pair illustration with photography to capture the essence of a child’s imagination while typographic solutions highlight product attributes through designer quotes.

Design Within Reach Holiday Gift Catalog

Design Within Reach is a well-established brand with a core clientele of mid-century furniture aficionados. The Holiday Gift Catalog has received some of DWR’s best customer feedback. The catalog is easy to shop, showcasing items that are thoughtfully designed, with product descriptions that inform and delight. The look is clean and white, with page layouts that alternate between single and multiple items per page. Design included all sequencing of product so that the objects formed a narrative unique to audience and season.morla_design_designwithinreach_holiday_catalog_02morla_design_designwithinreach_holiday_catalog_03

Design Within Reach What Is Green Catalog

“Jennifer Morla has been involved with DWR from the very beginning. A quick study to our business and our brand, she helped us shape a brand extension as a partner. She added value at all points and we were able to get to the essence of the communication strategy. Our marketing staff was blown away by her organized and thorough approach to the process.”
  • Rob Forbes
  • Founder of Design Within Reach
morla_design_designwithinreach_what_is_green_catalog_01Morla concepted and created the “What is Green” catalog as an oversized catalog addressing the many ways to interpret green: through sustainability, recycled content, manufacturing excellence, or timeless design and craft worthiness of signature pieces. The cover introduces a conceptual duality of “What is Green” by juxtaposing an image of real turf on the front cover with astro turf on the back cover.morla_design_designwithinreach_what_is_green_catalog_02morla_design_designwithinreach_what_is_green_catalog_03morla_design_designwithinreach_what_is_green_catalog_04morla_design_designwithinreach_what_is_green_catalog_05