Hicup Mobile App Design

morla_design_hicup_mobile_app_design_00Morla Design was hired to design, illustrate and work through final development on the launch of an innovative GPS based app that we created for iPhone (multiple OS versions) and Android platforms. Hic*up is a private gps app connecting people with similar interests. We were responsible for every aspect of the look and feel of the app: identity design, icon research and design, copy, user interface protocols, animation sequences, and creating final trimmed art for final turnover to the app developer. Working in close collaboration with the client, we identified user interests and developed a visual vocabulary that entertains and engages the user. morla_design_hicup_mobile_app_design_01morla_design_hicup_mobile_app_design_02morla_design_hicup_mobile_app_design_03 morla_design_hicup_mobile_app_design_04