K+M Chocolate Identity & Packaging

Chef Thomas Keller, founder of the Michelin starred French Laundry and Ad Hoc restaurants, reached out to Morla Design to design their new line of premium chocolate bars: K+M Chocolate.
  Hero_Gift_Set_Gift_Bag-177_1500px Morla was responsible for all aspects of bringing the product packaging to market, including designing a 10 SKU line extension, all typography and graphics for packaging, POP, web, labels and gift bags, plus sourcing/supervising all vendor procurement for fulfillment. Hero_Bar_Milk_Dark_Milk_Dark-131_1500px Hero_Milk_Two_Bars-258_1500px Hero_Bar_Milk_Dark-153_Cropped_1500px Hero_Gift_Set_Of_Four_With_Gift_Bag-219_1500px