Levi’s Jeans for Women Shop

The Levi’s Women’s Shop is a 3200 sq. ft. installation which debuted at Macy’s Herald Square. The design references the curvature of a woman’s body: dress forms are in different sizes, fixtures curve, glass walls undulate to create dressing rooms, and photographic murals show the female body against sandstone boulders. Morla Design created custom fixtures, lighting and flooring.
morla_design_levis_jeans_for_women_shop_01We were responsible for the totality of the project: from site survey and demolition, to final permit approval. Our custom carpeting is Morla’s handwriting, curved seating is rattan with bent iron legs, the edge-lit floating ceiling defines the product focus area, milk glass, fluted lighting fixtures hang above the ebony veneer cash wrap and were adapted as sconces for the dressing rooms.morla_design_levis_jeans_for_women_shop_02morla_design_levis_jeans_for_women_shop_03