Morla Typographic Posters

morla_design_alphabet_poster_04 Jennifer Morla was commissioned by Williams-Sonoma, Inc. to design a typographic poster series for their sister company Mark and Graham. This alpha-numeric series incorporates a variety of letterforms and glyphs, making the design of each poster unique. The signed series of framed giclée prints are reproduced in two sizes, 28″x42″ and 12½”x18¾” morla_design_jennifermorla_alphabet_poster_00 morla_design_jennifermorla_alphabet_poster_01 morla_design_jennifermorla_alphabet_poster_02 morla_design_jennifermorla_alphabet_poster_03 morla_design_jennifermorla_alphabet_poster_04 morla_design_jennifermorla_alphabet_poster_05 morla_design_jennifermorla_alphabet_poster_06 morla_design_jennifermorla_alphabet_poster_07 morla_design_jennifermorla_alphabet_poster_08 morla_design_jennifermorla_alphabet_poster_09 morla_design_jennifermorla_alphabet_poster_10 morla_design_jennifermorla_alphabet_poster_11 morla_design_jennifermorla_alphabet_poster_12 morla_design_jennifermorla_alphabet_poster_13 morla_design_jennifermorla_alphabet_poster_14 morla_design_jennifermorla_alphabet_poster_16 morla_design_jennifermorla_alphabet_poster_17 morla_design_jennifermorla_alphabet_poster_18 morla_design_jennifermorla_alphabet_poster_19 morla_design_jennifermorla_alphabet_poster_20 morla_design_jennifermorla_alphabet_poster_21 morla_design_jennifermorla_alphabet_poster_22 morla_design_jennifermorla_alphabet_poster_23 morla_design_jennifermorla_alphabet_poster_24 morla_design_jennifermorla_alphabet_poster_25 morla_design_jennifermorla_alphabet_poster_26 morla_design_jennifermorla_alphabet_poster_27
Here is an article from the Mark and Graham blog: 1013_Collab_JMo_Blog Obviously, there’s nothing we love more than fabulous type. What better way to put fabulous design on display than with wall art?! We’ve partnered with renowned graphic designer Jennifer Morla to create a series of one-of-a-kind pieces for you. Designed exclusively for Mark and Graham, this signed giclée print poster series includes letters A to Z or numbers, housed in a simple black frame. We sat down with the prolific designer to get a little insight into her design process. Q: How would you describe your work? Conceptual with a bit of whimsy Q: Where do you look for inspiration? Art installations, music videos, travel (my trip to Petra, Jordan with my husband and children on horseback was amazing), modern dance, Burning Man, walking in the Mission, teaching. Actually, can’t think of anything that I do that doesn’t provide some sort of inspiration. Q: What/who are/have been your biggest influences? The office of Charles and Ray Eames. The benchmark of a multi-disciplinary design studio: Furniture, magazines, posters, film, museum installations, identity, lettering, textiles, and illustration. Q: What would you say are the most important tenets of great design? As designers, we often underestimate the impact we have on the world at large, and how our visual vocabulary is influenced by political, social and cultural events. So I have written my Designisms, a listing of my observations and reflections on design and designing. (Find them on my website And for our rapid fire, fill-in-the-blank section: Q: I like to make my mark by…combining the brash with the sublime. Q: Best advice I ever received…Take risks Q: If I could, I would…everyday…Read every piece of classic fiction Q: On Sundays, find me…Reading the New York Times Q: My signature drink is…Our Nilus Malbec wine from our very, very small vineyard in lovely Healdsburg. Q:….is always in my fridge…A bottle of Veuve Cliquot (great for impromptu celebrations). Q: I’m secretly addicted to…Reading fiction non-stop (although I deviated a while back and read Cleopatra, A Life by Stacey Schiff. Amazing).