Williams-Sonoma: Mark and Graham Catalogs

“Jennifer was a trusted partner in the development of our brand positioning and marketing communication from its inception…Her modern sensibility, clean design and love of type contribute so much to our process. Jennifer approaches the work with the same amount of ownership as our internal team. She and her design office are an absolute pleasure to collaborate with.”
  • Marta Benson
  • SVP, Strategy & Business Development of Williams-Sonoma, Inc.
morla_design_williams_sonoma_markandgraham_catalog_00 Williams-Sonoma, Inc. sought out Morla Design as its prime strategic business partner to handle every aspect of the design launch of its new lifestyle brand, Mark and Graham. The catalogs are perfect bound books measuring 71/2 x 81/2. On-set photo art direction includes establishing a visual criteria or photography: shooting against white backgrounds from only two angles. All photos are square cut, which allows for all assets to be easily incorporated into web or print elements.

Mark and Graham: Early Spring 2013


Mark and Graham: Bridal

Morla Design created the Bridal Spring Catalog. These 16 page tabloid mailers (11×17) are sent twice a year to target consumers (ie: brides). We purposely created a different format that feels atypical to bridal books, to surprise and bring attention to this new brand. The brand voice is expressed in the title “Mark and Graham Bridal: The I do, I do Edition”.morla_design_williams_sonoma_markandgraham_catalog_bridal2012_02morla_design_williams_sonoma_markandgraham_catalog_bridal2012_03morla_design_williams_sonoma_markandgraham_catalog_bridal2012_04morla_design_williams_sonoma_markandgraham_catalog_bridal2012_05morla_design_williams_sonoma_markandgraham_catalog_bridal2012_06

Mark and Graham: Winter Holiday 2013