Williams-Sonoma: Mark and Graham

“Jennifer was a trusted partner in the development of our brand positioning and marketing communication from its inception…Her modern sensibility, clean design and love of type contribute so much to our process. Jennifer approaches the work with the same amount of ownership as our internal team. She and her design office are an absolute pleasure to collaborate with.”
  • Marta Benson
  • SVP, Strategy & Business Development of Williams-Sonoma, Inc.
morla_design_williams_sonoma_markandgraham_identity_01 Williams-Sonoma sought out Morla Design as its prime strategic partner to collaborate and create every aspect of the design of its new lifestyle brand, Mark and Graham. Marta Benson, SVP of Business Development,  realized that the company had equity in a personalization equipment facility that was being under-utilized. She worked with Morla on creating the name; a play on making your “mark” and creating a mono”gram”.

morla_design_williams_sonoma_markandgraham_catalog_00 mark and graham identity

  Morla_MG+20s+40s+dyptich Mark and Graham is a direct-to-consumer brand where personalization is complimentary and applied to its products including women’s accessories,  jewelry, and home decor. Morla was called in at its inception to design, produce, and create the retail website, catalogs, brand voice, packaging, blog, and emails; virtually every consumer touchpoint. Additionally, Morla designed over 50 monograms and has produced signature product for the brand.     MG_Homepage_Macbook_CMYK_300dpi_16x11 MD_MGraham_08     morla_design_alphabet_poster_04 hero_Letterpress_Notecards_All_Colors-8484_croppedmg06_72